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Academic Opportunities and Scholarships - Kappa Kappa Gamma

Scholarships and academic opportunities are vital for a good education. This is why Kappa Kappa Gamma offers multiple scholarships and academic opportunities to our sisters throughout the year. Scholarships help to lessen the rising cost of tuition and help members focus on their studies.

The Kappa Kappa Gamma foundation provides international scholarships ranging from undergraduate need-based to merit-based scholarships. The KKG Foundation also provides the Marisol Scholarship, which covers around 75% of education costs for the recipient. These scholarship recipients all have a persistent desire for an education, as well as a stellar academic record. Kappa also provides an in-house scholarship named after an alumnus, called the Kay Dignan Memorial Prize. The Kay Dignan Prize recognizes 1-2 Kappa’s who embodies everything a Kappa should, including community involvement and leadership & academic achievements. This monetary scholarship is exclusive to the Beta Psi chapter. This year, the Kay Dignan Prize was awarded to Kathryn Cheng, Kappa’s Vice-President of Academic Excellence.

During the academic year, Kathryn held study sessions every week where members could drop in to study with their sisters. Kappa also has monthly incentives for high grades, called KKGenius. This is where members entered their grades, study hours, and study schedules for a chance to win a $10 gift card and a shoutout on kkguoft. This year’s KKGenius recipients were Maxine Theoret, Anais Trembling, Marisa Klassen, and Vishar Yaghoubian. In addition to hosting weekly study sessions, Kathryn provided customized study plans for sisters to ensure everybody reaches their academic and extra-curricular goals. The theme of each study plan varies, anywhere from focussing on mental health, effective ways to study, how to get more involved in school, and more.

This year, Kathryn successfully coordinated Kappa’s first Academic Brunch in March, where sisters with a GPA of 3.5 or above for the previous academic year were recognized for their impressive academic, leadership, and extra-curricular success. It is very important at Kappa to recognize our sisters’ successes because recognition is a powerful motivator and reinforces the meaning behind all the hard work and determination the girls put into their education.

Kappa is so proud to offer such amazing academic support to our sisters and see so many thrive academically, whether it be through extra-curricular activities, courses, leadership, research, and more.

- Kathryn Cheng, Vice President of Academic Excellence of Kappa Kappa Gamma

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