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Semester Flashback - Kappa Kappa Gamma

Memories from this semester with Kappa Kappa Gamma!

"Never shying from a great theme, our Philanthropy chair, Katie Ireland, took on St. Patrick’s day as Kappa’s philanthropy for Winter 2022. She lugged her huge bag filled with snacks and decorations into the house, and with the help of the other girls, transformed Kappa into a leprechaun’s dream. It’s hard to pinpoint just one memory from that night, but a recurring theme we noticed was how competitive the boys got over small games like stack cup. While my booth was trying to sell raffle tickets for Raptors jerseys and cash prizes, we had to constantly speak up because of all the screaming and shouts of “I won!”, “No I swear, I was faster.”. The night was filled with so much laughter, and people were not just enjoying the games for the sake of charity, but genuinely getting a kick out of it. And it is also important to note that Katie’s planning led to a very nice chunk of change to donate.

One of the most memorable parts of the night came at the end, when some of the boys from Phi Kap very kindly stayed to help us clean up. The games were fun, setting up was fun, and seeing everyone was fun, but cleaning up- not so much. It was great to see everyone helping out despite not needing to."

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