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Extra-Circulars - Alpha Gamma Delta

Hey everyone, my names Julia and I’m from Alpha Gam! I’ve been involved with the Association of Women in Math at UofT since my first year, serving this year at the Academic Events Head. Similar to being involved in Alpha Gam, the Association’s goal is to create a community on campus for women and other gender minorities in math in hopes of making sure every student in the math and math adjacent programs feel like they truly belong. As the Academic Events Head, I’m in charge of organizing our speaker series. Being part of this organization allowed me to meet so many fantastic people – students, faculty, and even professionals with math backgrounds! Running the lecture series in particular has taught me so much in terms of organizing events and has really revitalized my love of math. The events are open to everyone in every faculty and are presented at a very accessible level, so I recommend anyone with interest check it out! Creating community on campus has always been super important to me and working with the Association of Women in math has given me the opportunity to continue building that community outside of Greek Life.

Hey everyone! my name is Tiffany and I'm from alpha gam! I love volunteering and being part of clubs - I'm the secretary of the Psychology Student Association, HR director of Starts With One, research assistant at the Chasteen Lab and the Toronto Early Cognition Lab, fundraising committee member of the Mental Health Association, a porter at UC residence, and a content moderator for a children's app! Being a part of many different groups of people is important to me because I enjoy meeting all kinds of people from different backgrounds. In fact, I got to know quite a few of my friends because we were in the same organization! Working with others also allows me to grow as a person, and sometimes I get to learn some neat skills (like how to build a keyboard). Being a part of several organizations has helped me learn how to manage my time well, and although sometimes I have a lot on my plate, a lot of work that I get to do is fun. I would definitely recommend joining all the organizations that interest you!

Hey everyone, my names Caroline and I'm from Alpha Gam! Sports have always been a big part of my life, and U of T has allowed me to continue sports I did before, but also explore new ones. Throughout my time at U of T, I have been involved in different communities on campus. Currently, I am a member of the women’s varsity golf team, and I play Tri-Campus League basketball, where I get to further develop my skills as an athlete. I am also part of Liquid Assets, which is the Rotman Commerce-affiliated dragon boat team. I joined out of curiosity, but I ended up really enjoying paddling. These experiences are not only fun and rewarding, but are also enriching each in their own way.

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