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Denim Day Panhel Programming - April 28th, 2021

On April 28th, it is a day of action and awareness where several around the world support sexual assault survivors by wearing denim attire. Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Panhel held a programming event where we gathered to the virtual event to educate ourselves and others of sexual violence while discussing ways we as a community may improve safety and comfortably at campus. All attendees wore denim to combat victim blaming while we came together to build stronger relations and connections between each other within the Panhellenic community. It was a great experience to communicate about such an important topic to all the girls within each chapter.

"Over the course of my four years at UofT, I have recognized the severity of sexual assault on university and college campuses. Sexual assault and gender-based violence is a crisis that needs to be addressed with the mutual help and understanding of all organizations, students, and administrations on campus. Especially since we are members of the student body participating in university life on campus, it is incumbent on us to get directly involved with issues that may negatively affect our university experience.

How can you be more aware and empathetic of the struggles of sexual assault victims? Although there are many approaches to this question, it is important to educate yourself and contribute meaningfully to a variety of support methods that resonate with you. Reflect on how you can be a supporter of victims of sexual assault and how you can change the narrative surrounding sexual assault and consent culture. Currently, you can think of ways to directly educate yourself or others, promote awareness, or contribute to a cause related to sexual assault prevention. Taking a purposeful approach will allow you to understand what you can offer to your community and ultimately help yourself and those in need. If you require help or need extra support, be sure to reach out to a variety of resources on campus and in the community--you are not alone in your struggles!" - Tri Delta

"Anytime that a story involving rape/sexual assault makes its way into the media, and in turn our newsfeeds and various social media platforms, survivors have to collectively reflect on their own experience(s). Please consider the way that you can be an ally to survivors, both those directly involved in specific cases and otherwise. Allyship looks like increasing your knowledge and awareness about what it means to experience these horrific acts, as well as developing an understanding of intersectionality, and learning accurate statistics, definitions, and facts. Allyship looks like listening and creating safe spaces for the survivors around you, being aware of triggers, and making sure they know that they are believed and their experience is valid and heard. Allyship looks like not being a bystander and intervening when you see/hear something happening, as well as calling out and calling in those around you who are perpetuating and engaging in behaviour that contribute to rape culture. Consent is not a grey area; no ALWAYS means no, and ONLY yes means yes. Be mindful of the vast and varying experiences of survivors in the wake of trauma; no story looks the same, and no healing process is identical. For survivors, everyday requires courage, patience, and self-love. We cannot forget that the only one with blame is the perpetrator, and that collectively it is all our jobs to continue to listen to, believe, and uplift survivors everywhere." - Gamma Phi Beta

"Kappa held a very important programming session in March about sexual assault where we were educated and informed about all aspects of sexual assault. We will be showing our support and educating ourselves by attending the Denim Day programming held by the Panhellenic Council. "

- Kappa Kappa Gamma

"Denim Day has taught me a lot about victim blaming and how we as a society tend to perpetuate this falsity. No piece of clothing is a justification for sexual assault or an invitation to bypass consent. This Denim Day, I'll be doing some reading on ways that we can help victims get their stories out and also continue to be an ally to those who have been affected by sexual assault."

- Pi Beta Phi

- Alpha Omicron Pi - Alpha Gamma Delta - Alpha Phi -


A genuine thank you to all that were able to come out to support sexual assault survivors at our Panhellenic Programming this year, we are so glad to have been able to create an event where many voices can be heard. We hope to contribute some of the suggestions to improve our community and prevent any negative events to occur. Panhel is looking forward the possibility of having more educational events in the future to educate and discuss greatly important issues within our environment and ways to build a stronger connection between all girls within each chapter. We hope all that attended enjoyed the programming!

- UofT Sororities

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