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Development - Tri Delta

Upon coming to university in Canada at 17 years old, every aspect of my new environment felt entirely foreign to me. In a brand-new country, even the seemingly smallest of tasks felt like a major milestone once completed. Due to the discomfort my new surroundings were causing me, I had found myself desperately clinging to my relationships with friends back home. As a result, I did not allow myself the chance to embrace or even accept the changes in my life, making my first year in Toronto strenuous on my personal development. Heading into my second year, I was determined to put myself out there and embrace new experiences, which is what initially drew me to joining a sorority. Joining Tri Delta with this commitment in mind allowed me to gain invaluable experiences that positively impacted my personal development. Through Tri Delta, I was introduced to students, who like myself, had a variety of academic interests,diverse job experiences, and big dreams for their futures. I not only appreciated how driven all the Tri Deltas were, but also how well they were able to balance their personal, academic, and extra-curricular lives. Being surrounded by strong and like minded women, I learned the importance of focusing on myself and personal wellbeing. I slowly started realizing the value of my sleep schedule, exercise and resuming activities I had previously enjoyed back home. Even during the most challenging of times, my Tri Delta sisters made active efforts to remain connected virtually, despite the difficulties and distance presented by COVID-19. The constant support that was offered by our sisters over Zoom chats, game

nights, and workshops helped me to remain consistent with my commitment to my personal growth.

This year, I served as the Director of Risk Management and Wellness for Tri Delta. From the

beginning during my training for this role, I was prompted to reflect on my own needs and habits,

encouraging me to make necessary changes to better my personal wellbeing. In this position, I was also

given the opportunity to host a mental health workshop, to share my own tips and developments to my

sisters. I found that I was able to learn from the experiences of my sisters, just as much as they learned

from the workshop; I was warmed by overwhelming attendance and participation, including by our

alumnae advisors. That is when I realized how important the relationships I have built with my sisters are;

this support and inspiration doesn’t end with our university experience, but follows us even after


I am grateful for the significant opportunities and the small things Tri Delta has taught me to enjoy.

Since joining Tri Delta I have found myself more focused, organized, and determined in my academics.

As a result, I have had a stellar academic year and am currently employed in a position, which had

previously felt out of reach. Additionally, I eagerly anticipate all the opportunities for self-development

and growth that the forthcoming year will bring.

We tend to consider development as the measurable things we attain over long periods of time. In the process, we often overlook the input of others and the small efforts that have significant impacts on our personal growth. Tri Delta has played an extremely important role in my personal development this year; not only did I have a strong support group when facing difficult situations, but I will never take for granted how much I learned from being surrounded (even if only virtually) by 44 inspiring and empowered women.

- Kaavya Punn, Director of Risk Management and Wellness of Tri Delta

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