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Educational Programming

Alpha Gamma Delta

Alpha Gamma Delta does a wide variety of educational programming! Thanks to our Purpose, we follow each line and educate ourselves and each other so that we can live with purpose. We do this through sisterhood activities and events (like our Sisterhood Retreats). We also have external programming events like having a therapy dog visit, sexual health workshops, mental health workshops, and resume building workshops. We take pride in our educational programming. We have Alpha Classes for new members, Gamma 1 classes for our second year members, Gamma 2 classes for our third year members, and Delta classes for our fourth year members. In Alpha class, our new members learn about our sorority’s history as well as our chapter’s history. In Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 classes we learn about the Purpose and we participate in a philanthropic project. In Delta class, we learn about life beyond Alpha Gamma Delta and the transition from Collegiate member to Alumna. My favourite part about Alpha classes was getting to know about Alpha Gamma Delta and my sisters. My favourite part so far about my Gamma classes is being a part of a big philanthropic project and working with my sisters for a bigger cause. I am looking forward to my second year of Gamma classes!

Alpha Phi

The Alpha Phi - Xi Chapter has advanced women’s lives and empowered women since 1906. Alpha Phi’s four high ideals: character, innovation, generosity, and sisterhood all embody its goal of empowering and inspiring women. Alpha Phi Xi Chapter educates and empowers women to make an impact in their communities through the power of philanthropy, to make healthy choices, to develop lifelong friendships and be a friend’s shoulder to lean on, to think outside the box, to embrace what makes them unique, and to be the best possible versions of themselves. Alpha Phi helps empower women to become leaders on their campuses, in their communities, and around the world. To educate our new sisters on the history of Xi Chapter and Alpha Phi international, we hold New Member education classes where our new sisters learn from our upper year sisters topics such as the history of the chapter, of alpha phi, and of our core values and principles. The ideals are taught in the new member classes and stay with each sister for their lifetime after. New Member classes are also a great time for new sisters to create friendships with one another. These classes are usually held once a week after initiation and help each new sister to get to know one another and learn about the Chapter.

Gamma Phi Beta

At Gamma Phi Beta, we have countless opportunities to not only develop the chapter but our members. Our most prominent annual events are our Real Leadership Conference, Real Leadership Experience and Convention. At these events, our members travel to the United States for leadership development, interactive workshops, networking opportunities, and, not to mention, meeting Gammas from all over North America. As much as these educational opportunities help find better ways to run the chapter, you do grow as a person. Not only do you become a leader, but you also become a sister, a friend, a supporter, an achiever. All of our

programmings are catered primarily towards our members' wellbeing and educational

advancement. We are each other's biggest supporters, and no lousy grade will ever stop that.

Here, at Gamma Phi Beta, your goals become ours, and we do everything we can to help you

achieve them.

Kappa Kappa Gamma

"Kappa prioritizes providing each of its members with not only fulfilling friendships and academic support, but with a variety of practical skills they can use in college and beyond to inspire leadership, achievement and life-long learning. Beta Psi holds various educational programming sessions for chapter members on topics such as reproductive health, job hunting, interview and resume skills, and mental wellness. Additionally, our international headquarters ensures that members are supported through interactive workshops on alcohol skills and safety, mental wellbeing, and personal safety, while providing various opportunities for members to attend leadership conferences with Kappa’s from all over the USA and Canada!” ---- Lauren Goncalves, President

Pi Beta Phi

In terms of past educational programming, we’ve had many fun and engaging events. For instance, we have conducted alumnae career workshops. For these workshops we had alumnae come in and guide us through different career paths that we can pursue after graduating. In particular, they guided us through careers in real estate and academia. Another academic program we have implemented in the past is the academic mentorship programs. We partnered girls in the same major so that they had someone to study with. This program was intended to help first-year sisters choose their majors and academic paths at UofT. At Pi Phi, we also understand that academics can be stressful, and this past semester we held our first ever de-stress event. The event occurred right before our finals season went underway and consisted of board games, video games, snacks, drinks and socializing. This event allowed not only members of our chapter, but also other members of the Greek community, to spend an evening relaxing in preparation for the taxing finals season up ahead, Our educational programming events have allowed our sisters to further their academic success in ways that wouldn't be possible if it weren't for being in our chapter.

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