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Leadership - Alpha Gamma Delta

As a young woman, my goal has always been to get involved in my community and school environment as much as possible. This has allowed me to connect with so many of my peers and mentors, many of which I would not have been able to connect with otherwise. I find that giving back and standing up as a leader is what gives you the best experiences and memories. In highschool, I was always the first to volunteer and made sure I was available to help and lead in any way possible. Upon graduating during the pandemic, I wanted to translate these leadership skills into my university experience and ensure I was able to get involved in any way I could despite the circumstances. At the recommendation of a friend, I joined Alpha Gamma Delta (AGD) and have been welcomed into this wonderful opportunity which has allowed me to foster my leadership skills even further. What is special about the sisterhood AGD has given me, is the inspiration I draw from my sisters and the community like I had hoped. Not only am I given the chance to be a leader and get involved, but so are my sisters. It is so encouraging and inspiring to see those around me do such wonderful things as strong leaders and work together as a team. Seeing what the women around me are accomplishing continues to encourage me to seize every opportunity and become a better leader each and every day. Currently, I am serving the role of VP of Marketing which is just one of many incredible opportunities that AGD has given me. What I love about this role is that it allows me to not only be a leader, but also step out of my comfort zone and explore new possibilities. In this role I have been lucky to connect with a wonderful alumni advisor in the marketing field who is able to share her wisdom and knowledge to help guide me in my role. This is a connection and experience I would not have been able to have otherwise. I truly value the unique experiences and opportunities available because of my involvement with AGD. Outside of my VP role, I’ve also had the pleasure of organizing special events with my AGD sisters. These range from our philanthropy events, to more personal bonding events such as our Sister-Mother appreciation tea. Those instances have allowed me to work as a leader as well as in a strong team dynamic. As a result, I’m able to develop and hone so many skills besides just leadership such as communication and collaboration. I am really excited about what the future holds for me as an Alpha Gam. I look forward to embarking on new adventures and opportunities on my own and with my sisters throughout my university career and beyond as an alumni. I know that as our world returns to a more normal state, there will be even more opportunities for me to be a leader in the community because of Alpha Gamma Delta. I am truly thankful and inspired.

- Rachel Ponte, VP of Marketing of Alpha Gamma Delta

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