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Sisterhood and Life Long Membership - Pi Beta Phi

Pi Phi’s dedication to our sisterhood and to lifelong membership to the fraternity is evident in the commitment shown by our members. These two principles are also part of our core beliefs and fall under lifelong commitment and sincere friendship respectively. Because things were online this year, we had to adapt and still find a way for our members to bond and form personal relationships crucial to our sisterhood over zoom. Despite the challenge, our sisters have managed to get to know one another and to form relationships with their sisters that will surpass their time in the chapter. New members have also transitioned into the chapter seamlessly and continue to develop through the mentorship and support of their sisters. During the school year full of zoom classes and plenty of screen time, our members were committed to not only attending meetings but also to sisterhoods to further their relationships and also to stay connected, something that from my own personal experience was very helpful in getting through this difficult year. Outside of the chapter, members studied together (via zoom) and made an effort to make sure that their sisters were doing well in classes they had in common or shared majors. This to me ultimately, demonstrates not only commitment to Pi Phi, but also dedication to our sisterhood. Furthermore, to make sure that our members are continuously reminded of the sisterhood they sought when they became members of our sorority we have made sure that over the summer they stay involved and up to date with each other. So far the results have been great! Pi phi also demonstrates sisterhood by our members’ willingness to check in on how their sisters are doing and also consistently update the chapter on their own activities. Additionally, by hosting events with alums during the school year, actives were able to see life long membership demonstrated by sisters who graduated from Pi Beta Phi and who continue to keep in touch with their chapters and sisters as well as meet Pi phi from other chapters in various states and provinces. By meeting alums, our chapter is able to see how Pi phi fits into their lives beyond the undergraduate experience and how sisters who’ve graduated have incorporated the values that Pi phi taught them into their professional and everyday lives. A lot of our sisters’ reasons for joining a sorority was to find an institution that prioritized sisterhood and demonstrated qualities like life long membership. They also voiced that they wanted to form connections that lasted past their time at UofT. Through all the events that I’ve mentioned and from the continued positive behaviors from girls in our chapter in terms of sisterhood, forming strong bonds, and staying connected in the midst of everything; I think that Pi Beta Phi is and continues to demonstrate a strong sisterhood and a commitment to life long membership after graduation.

- Mariah Brown, VP of Membership Experience of Pi Beta Phi

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