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Why Go Greek?

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Alpha Gamma Delta

Greek life is a fun, fulfilling world where you can meet many people with similar interests and ideals. This makes greek communities a perfect tool for networking.

Most greek organizations encourage academic achievements and offer study groups to their members, helping them stay on top of their schoolwork.

Once you join a greek organization, you become part of the family that lasts long beyond collegiate years. This means that you’ll have the opportunity to connect with alumni after graduation, which can result in career opportunities.

Greek communities are filled with leadership and philanthropic opportunities, giving you the chance to to enrich your resume and prepare yourself for work after graduation.

I personally joined a sorority because I wanted to make genuine friendships and have a full, exciting life outside of the lecture room.

As soon as I joined Alpha Gam, I found what I was looking for. I met wonderful people that I wouldn’t have connected with otherwise, including my amazing Sister Mother, Ana. I became close to many other sisters and found a family away from home.

My Alpha Gam family has helped and encouraged me to take responsibilities and achieve success through time management and hard work. I’m forever grateful to my sisters for their faith in me and their emotional support throughout stressful times.

As an Alpha Gam sister, I continue to see that our sisters reflect kindness, leadership skills, academic achievements and exceptional manners and style whenever they can and that makes me proud to be in Alpha Gamma Delta.

Alpha Omicron Pi

Joining a sorority is a great opportunity to network by meeting new people whether it’s at philanthropies or other social events. It helps you break out of your shell and create friends from all different backgrounds of life. Greek life gives you the chance to be more involved on campus and reach out to people you know to create a bigger impact. Moreover, going greek helps you learn a lot about yourself including strengths and weaknesses which can be beneficial in your future. It can help develop who you are as an individual in leadership development, community service, friendship and much more. Going greek isn’t only for your collegiate years, it can help you for a lifetime. At the end, it’s another family that you can join that will always have your back.

Alpha Phi

To Go Greek means to find your forever family and at Alpha Phi, I am proud to say that I have found just that. Alpha Phi's core ideals all surround themselves on empowering women and our community. Individually, we are business students, chemistry lab volunteers, essay-writers, intramural athletes, coffee connoisseurs (thanks for that, Robarts) but together- we are so much more. Alpha Phi encourages its sisters to cheer each other on rather than compete with each other. We're all so different with many different talents, and Alpha Phi empowers us to chase what it is that makes us passionate, no matter what it is. At Alpha Phi, you will always find a group of supportive, enthusiastic women who are eager to share their accomplishments as well as assist those who are on their individual path to success. Alpha Phi believes that women are so incredibly strong and we encourage each of our members to be the strongest woman they can be. Alpha Phi is home to a diverse group of girls who have various interests and talents. We are brought together with our common values, one of which includes sisterhood. Sisterhood events bring us together and allow us to bond with girls who we may have never had the opportunity to meet at such a large university. Sharing secrets, laughs, and always amazing food, the women at Alpha Phi are able to build each other up. Together we participate in study dates, celebrate holidays, and share endless fun nights together where we are able to make the most out of our university experience and create friendships that will last a lifetime.

Delta Delta Delta

To Tri delta, going Greek means joining a wonderful and close community of like-minded people. Every member of Greek life is warm and welcoming, no matter what sorority you are in. When you go Greek, you are opening a new chapter of your life; one filled with fresh starts, inclusivity, and embracing diversity. Being a part of the Greek community makes such a large, and sometimes daunting, University feel like home. Going Greek is a unique opportunity that can enhance your university experience in such a positive way, and the Tri Delta chapter cannot wait to welcome all of you in September!

Gamma Phi Beta

The benefits of joining UofT's Greek community went so far beyond what I ever anticipated when I first joined. I was originally convinced to go through formal recruitment by one of my best friends who was interested. We went through on the basis we join the same house, as I was only going through with this for her. By the end of the weekend, we decided each of our homes was different from one another. Moving forward to the present, this decision actually brought us closer and became a bridge for our houses to connect under.

I joined a sorority because of a friend, but I stayed because of Gamma. After joining I met some of the most brilliant, inspirational women of my entire life. They built me up to who I am today and taught me to love this organization with all of my heart. At our core we value building strong girls, and that starts with us creating a support system that inspires the highest type of womanhood into each and everyone of our sisters.

Last year I learned a saying 'you get out of Gamma what you put into her', and that could not be more true. Gamma gave me opportunities in so many areas, such as volunteering with our philanthropic partner, Girls on the Run, in both Canada and in the States. With each opportunity I took advantage of, my appreciation for my house grew and open so many more doors opened. Eventually leading to me getting elected President and getting the chance to travel the States for a variety of leadership conferences. My life will never be the same since I went Greek, and this will stay one of the most remarkable organizations I will ever be apart of.

Kappa Kappa Gamma

"When I came to UofT for my first year, I was super shy and scared of what I had gotten myself into by choosing a huge university. My older sister was part of a sorority on campus, so I decided to go through recruitment. It was the best decision I could have made. For the past two years, Greek Life has given me opportunities to grow, to become the person I am today, and to create special friendships that will last a lifetime. Kappa has brought me my best friends; people who never stop pushing me to the best of my abilities, and who support me no matter what. I’ve lived in my sorority house for the past year, and that means constantly having a support system. Staying up until 4am the night before an exam always feels a little more bearable with my sisters.

Although Kappa Kappa Gamma specifically has had a huge impact on me, I have also benefited from being part of the wider Greek community. The community has shaped me through all the different people I have met, whether that be meeting other people in class and realizing we are next-door neighbours, or getting to know each other at philanthropy events when the whole Greek community comes together. It is this overarching family that has made me sure I’ll always want to be a member of Greek Life. Everything we do is bigger than ourselves, and bigger than our houses. We all work hard to raise money through philanthropy, to constantly improve our chapters, and to maintain our values. More importantly though, while we are busy doing all of this, we create the best friendships and bonds we could ever ask for.” - Alicia Sadaoui, Membership Chairman

Pi Beta Phi

Going through recruitment and choosing to join a Greek organization can be one of the best choices you could make in your university career; and as cliche, as it sounds, it definitely was for me. Be it due to the sheer size of the University of Toronto, being away from home, or simply the amount of change and growth you will encounter during your university years, having a community to support you is one of the most wonderful things you can experience. You’ll get to meet girls you’ll be happy to call your sister and get amazing opportunities within your own chapter to become a leader or impact others’ lives. And beyond that, you’ll make connections within the greater Greek community and have the chance to meet both people similar to and different from yourself. There is a sense of bonding between all the members of the Greek community which lasts past your active years as you’ll have something important in common with a surprisingly large number of people you’ll encounter. The Greek community helps you build such a large and wonderful network of people which you will cherish not for only your time in University, but for your entire life down the line.

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